This didn't fit me very well.

There's very little paper left.

There is no need for us to hurry.


Colourless is a world without language.

He is finding it difficult to solve his problems.

I don't believe him at all.

It's an expression.

I need to complete it as soon as possible.


She's reading a novel.

The doctor told Mr. Smith to give up smoking.

Let's take a break and drink some tea.

I would like to ask a favor of you.

Are they Canadian?

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Herbert is always complaining about one thing or another.


We've done it before.


You will soon get accustomed to living in this country.


How do you suggest we settle this problem?

Because she is twenty-five years old, she gets married.

Grace isn't certain about the answer.

I already sent an email to the support team.

I was happy to see them go.

Try once again.

Who is coming home?

We studied English.

Should I clean your windshield?

I know how to solve the problem, but I've been asked not to tell you.

I didn't get a second chance.


In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.


Every dumbass with a camera thinks he is a photographer.

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I went to Kobe by train.

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Tran will try and stop me.

They ran out of soda so I got you a flavored water.

Listen to me very carefully.

The hunter shot and killed the fox.

The infrastructure of an application is directly related to its overall performance.


I want to find a box for this.

How many prefectures does Japan have?

It gets better.

How did you bring in the new year?

She's very impressionable.


Come outside.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Pieter didn't grow up here.


She simply stared at me in amazement and went away without saying a word.


I know Amedeo misses you.


They should have stopped while they had the chance.


You didn't understand me. I meant something else.


I think you had better stick to your present job.

Oh that I had never married.

I'm a terrible writer.

I wanted to be with Janos all the time.

Was I seen leaving?


The effectiveness of this method was confirmed by the experiences of many people.

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Is this all you have, sir?

I don't know whether I'll purchase these or not.

Albert likes the sciences.

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You'd better take care of it soon.

Terry hasn't read this book yet.

How do you know Betty is really safe?

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William laughed hysterically.

The look on his face was priceless.

I will take my revenge on him.


The bar is crowded.

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Quite a few people turned out for the event.

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It's very early.

Bring two breakfasts, please. Number 2 on the menu, and two teas with milk.

Children begin school at the age of six.


His repeated delinquencies brought him to court.

Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend.

Why do you know that?


You will not be able to go through the book so quickly.


We know what you want.

The women can't stand each other because of their men.

She begged him to send her home.


I've made a terrible mistake.


It's in terminal 1.

That's my concern.

How often do you go swimming?

It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

I want to tell you a strange thing.


Make sure you tell them that.

Commercial television is an effective medium for advertising.

Kolkka didn't have to get up so early.

Boys are better than girls at mathematics.

Who's your favourite TV star?

When was it you last borrowed books from the library?

Irvin is trying to be nice.

You saw her, didn't you?

What's the difference between American and British English?

Sony is a brand known around the world.

To apply further analysis to documents and files matching the keywords and find the hidden truth is "knowledge".

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As we went up, the air grew colder.

Pontus didn't have permission to do that.

Does he like Japan?

I've got to go out for a while.

Mistakes were made.


He will play tennis with his friends.

I don't really like Xiaomi and i think that Xiaomi's are for losers. They're like a knock off phone.

Never mind. It happens to everyone.


I got my foot caught in a train door.


He hid himself behind the door.

Tell her that I am waiting for her.

Let us play this game again.

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It is probable that she will come.

There are people in the house.

Thus, they cannot be detected by other animals that threaten them.

Elisabeth found that a little bit odd.

If I need money, I'll ask my father.

Children can't smoke; it's not legal.

Wendy is too far away to hear us.


It was raining.

Louise was here less than an hour ago.

You sound childish.


Mott began to eat.

It is believed that Saqib is good at tennis.

I thought the meeting went really well.


Alf settled himself in a chair.

There's been an accident. A man is hurt. He's bleeding badly.

Kit says that he can move objects using only the power of his mind.

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Michel isn't interested in fashion.

I hope to stop smoking.

He's constantly abroad.


The dog wagged its tail eagerly.


We were all anxious for his first return in ten years.

I thought Kyle already knew about that.

You can't imagine how tired I am.

This wheat is made into flour.

How do you pronounce her name?

How is school?

But that your fear of me was greater than his life, now I bless you and your offspring, just so that they multiply like the stars in the heavens and just as grains of sand on the sea.


I say Paul's book will be read.

There are no white-winged Diuca finches in the Arctic.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Merril messed up again.

He is quite at home in English.

Dawson is enthusiastic, isn't he?

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You need to go with us now.


Morton has known Shahid since he was a little boy.

We understand the necessity of studying.

He broke his leg skiing.


It was a very good experience for him.


Even Ira doesn't have one of these yet.

This is by far the best way.

Don't let Jarl fool you.


He prefers French to German.

I don't know the whole truth.

Yvonne was wrong and I told him so.

Are you Japanese?

How could you let her do this?

You bit off more than you could chew.

Stay here for a moment.

By the way, if you translate from Japanese, avoid unowned sentences - there are very many unnatural and just incorrect sentences among them.

You're just trying to scare us.